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Referral Partners

When your bank can not get comfortable with a credit, do not give up on the relationship with the business. Let me use my expertise in lending and propose a solution to the business owner. As a former commercial banker, I understand the time and effort it takes to get an opportunity to entertain a new deal. It is gut wrenching when you have to decline a prospect that you have been chasing for months and even sometimes years.

If your bank is like my other partners, it is often the non-interest revenue that drives profitability in the relationship. Don't allow a decline on the credit side to cost you an entire relationship or the most profitable piece of the relationship.

Summary Facts
  • Clients include small to mid-sized businesses ($0 - $100,000,000 in revenues)
  • All industries (Business to Business) including construction and some medical
  • Up to 90% advance rates on accounts receivables
  • Flexible contracts and covenants
  • Businesses unable to meet current loan net worth or ratio covenants
  • Leveraged balance sheet

Allow me to nurture the business in the short term and transition them back to you for traditional financing. I look forward to working with you and your client or prospect. Call me to discuss your scenario because every situation is unique.