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January 2015

Recent Funding: 

$1,000,000 Accounts Receivable Facility

CCC's newest client is a manufacturing company of kitchenware. Client is experiencing significant growth in the upcoming year and needed assistance with cash flow for product. The credit facility will allow customer to market their product and add an inventory availability if needed.

February 2014

Recent Fundings:

$500,000 Accounts Receivable Facility

CCC's lastest client is a staffing company that serves all major technology fields. This company had a major change in terms with their major client (10 day pay to 45 days). CCC arranged a facility so they can pay their employees and focus on growing the company without the fear of cash flow.

November  2012

Increasing Demand for Capital by Businesses

Just like a recent Wall Street Journal article, I have seen stronger loan demand from businesses. What is driving the need? I believe it can be linked to a couple of reasons. The first uptick in demand can be directly tied to lack of capital. The recent years' economic environment has exhausted reserves which has created capital deficiency. Another motivator I see in the market place is opportunity. I have visited with several businesses throughout California that are trying to grow and take advantage of an opportunity. These companies have slashed expenses and are surviving but want to and need to grow. Their problem is that they cannot cash flow the addtional expenses without capital.
Just because demand is up does not mean that businesses are credit worthy of a credit facility. The common thread with these businesses is that their financials reflect what has happened with our economy. They have recent losses and some have personal credit with a short sale or a foreclosure. Business owners are very frustrated with the current credit environment along with their subpar financials and do not know where to turn.
Where can businesses find capital? Chambers Commercial Credit is an alternative lending resource that specializes in asset based lending and factoring. The Commercial Finance Association released the results of its Annual Asset Based and Factoring Survey for 2010 showing that this industry is experiencing growth. The survey found that total credit line commitments for reporting asset based lenders were $180.7 billion at year-end 2010. Asset-based loans outstanding were $66.1 billion at year-end 2010, an increase over 2009's $63.5 billion.
I would love to have an opportunity to discuss with you what solutions are available to businesses that are seeking a credit facility.